I’m thrilled to announce Tech Field Day is returning to Cisco Live this year and on June 27, Cisco will be presenting a full DNA focused day.

If you’re skipping Cisco Live, or just don’t feel like leaving your hotel suite at that particular time, Tech Field Day is live-streamed (for anyone to watch) and a great learning opportunity that also promises to be highly entertaining. Mark your calendar for June 27 to watch live here or on Tech Field Day.

Master Classes This Year

For the last few years we’ve had the honor of hosting Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live in both the US and Europe. This year, we’re putting a little twist on it by featuring Cisco Live Distinguished Speakers.  Distinguished Speakers are those rated by attendees in the top 10% at a Cisco Live – a tough crowd of graders.

In the past, these speakers have been the ones who got our TFD Delegates clapping, kept audiences enthralled, the ones whose videos are legendary. So we thought, why not focus on them almost exclusively?

Your Delegates in the Room

The really fun aspect of Tech Field Day is the Delegates in the room. These are the awesome folks who will be lobbing questions at speakers throughout the event.  You can follow the conversation on Twitter with #TFDx (and #CLUS) or you could stalk the delegates individually – they are usually happy to field questions from remote viewers.

Where to Watch

Tech Field Day videos are livestreamed and will be embedded here and on the Tech Field Day page itself.


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks