If your organization has employees who work from home, the road, and the office, then you understand the underlying costs and complexities of securely connecting a hybrid workforce. No matter where your people work, or what devices they use, they need secure access to their business-critical applications.

To overcome the challenges of managing more remote users, devices, applications, and data across multiple clouds, while minimizing security threats, Cisco has developed new Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) innovations. Only Cisco can bring together best-in-class networking and security capabilities with trusted client and branch connectivity into a complete, intelligent, and easy-to-consume cloud-based solution.

For organizations adopting a hybrid work model, we are excited to announce Cisco+ Secure Connect, Cisco’s new unified SASE solution. Cisco+ Secure Connect is a turnkey SASE solution that offers simple operations through a cloud-managed platform to deliver seamless, secure access to any application, over any network, anywhere users work. With Cisco+ Secure Connect , your ongoing operations management is done on a cloud network platform powered by Cisco Meraki and the Cisco Security Cloud, allowing you to configure the service within minutes and monitor networking and security traffic in one place. No upfront investment or set-up is required – you get everything you need to get started immediately.

Cisco+ Secure Connect accelerates time to value through a unified solution that does all the heavy lifting of your SASE solution. Watch how Cisco+ Secure Connect radically simplifies how IT teams can securely connect users with an unparalleled experience.

You now have a simple, secure, and intelligent as-a-service option to create the right SASE platform for your business with Cisco+ Secure Connect. Learn how a law firm was able to significantly reduce remote onboarding time by 10x and configure a full SASE solution in just a few hours.

You need to be able to do SASE your way. We can help you get started by recommending a path forward that is the right fit for your organization.

Help your business thrive with

Cisco+ Secure Connect and Cisco SASE



Omri Guelfand

Vice President, Product Management, SASE

Cisco Meraki