If you’re heading to Cisco Live! Orlando next week, you’ve probably signed up for a few sessions after running your eyes through the hefty spread of sessions and talks in the events catalogue.

Here’s a cut of the mobility-centric sessions you should mark your calendars for:

Speaker(s)  Rob Soderbery – Senior Vice President, Enterprise Networking Group, Cisco 

June 24 at 12:30 p.m. PT / 3:30 p.m. ET / 21:30 CET  / 22:30 GMT <–Editor’s Note: FIXED to Monday June 24!

To View: Go to the home page at the event start time. The keynote will play in the “Excite” tab.

Session Abstract

Is your enterprise network ready to take you where you want to go? Will it support the business applications that you are being asked to support? In this keynote, you will hear how Cisco is unifying access, building out new network services and making the network more manageable so you can meet the coming needs of your organization. We will also show you how you can support more aspects of your business using the network as a platform for the Internet of Things.


Organizations are embracing BYOD as a business opportunity. However, if IT wants to have a seat at the table and impact business planning, they need a strong and agile IT platform that becomes a business differentiator. Learn how Cisco Unified Access Solution provides IT with a platform to capture this BYOD business opportunity. This session will also focus on some of the real world customer deployments of BYOD and Cisco Unified Access solutions.

Damodar Banodkar – Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Systems

Session Description

Learn how to address the growing wave of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) that have very real security implications as well as introduce some uniquely mobile challenges on the Enterprise wireless network. We will cover the value addition of an application aware wireless infrastructure and how to control these applications. Next, we will take a look at enabling services such as Airplay and AirPrint for the apple devices on the network. Prerequisite knowledge of 802.11 fundamentals is recommended

Brian Hart – Principal Engineer, Cisco Systems

Session Description

This session will focus on the emerging and future 802.11 standards that are currently being planned in the standardization and certification bodies. Get an inside view of what is happening in the industry and what the next wave in Wi-Fi will look like.

Paul Nguyen – Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Systems

Session Description

WLAN location based services is opening a whole new ecosystem of applications applicable to numerous verticals such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, education and others. New capabilities in device silicon have improved the accuracy of the ‘blue dot’, and new device drivers for pre-association service advertisement, such as 802.11u, have improved both the user experience and the networks ability to provide relevant services. This session will explain the fundamentals of WLAN location based services, architecture, design and best practices. RF triangulation and architecture will be explained in light of the AP, Controller and MSE. Several models will be covered, including: location mapping, analytics, and location based browser integration.

Jerome Henry – Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Session Description

Wi-Fi is everywhere, homes, enterprises, warehouses, hospitals, streets… Your laptop is Wi-Fi, and so is your phone, your tablet, and soon your car and your TV. The need for wireless engineers explodes and will continue to explode for several years. If you have not done it yet, today is the right time to start working in the 802.11 Wireless field, and master the fundamentals of 802.11: with this session, CSMA/CA, DSSS, CCK, OFDM, and WMM will become familiar terms. You will understand 802.11b/g, 802.11a, 802.11n, and the future protocols, such as 802.11ac (7 Gb/s speed!) or 802.11ad (Wi-Fi in your TV and… your windows!). This session will give you the keys to understand 802.11 fundamentals, and will also help you prepare for the IUWNE exam, the first level of the Cisco wireless certifications.

Rad Sethuraman – Sr. Director, Product Management, Wireless Networking, Cisco

Session Description

This session will provide an update on the latest in Cisco wireless: Connected Mobile Experiences and Mobility Services Engine technology. It will include the latest updates in the Mobility Services Engine 8.0 release, as well as advances in partner technology that delivers additional location-aware mobile services. We will also discuss some of the use cases with customers we are working with currently.

Bill Rubino, Mobility Marketing Manager

Session Description

This session will provide an update on The 802.11ac emerging technology. We will provide a status on the standard and discuss what has transpired in a year since we announced our 802.11ac Module for the 3600. We will also discuss some of the use cases we have seen and also have a customer discuss their experience in deploying this emerging technology.

We’ll be live tweeting from the various events in Orlando starting June 23, so stay tuned and follow us on @Cisco_Mobility!