By now, you’ve probably heard that the network is open for business with Cisco DNA Center. But, before we get into what that really means, let’s take a walk down the Cisco DNA Center memory lane.

DNA Center is a complete software-based network automation and assurance solution in the form of a 360 degree open platform. Policy driven provisioning and quick, painless network deployments reduce costs and time. And, the cherry on top is that DNA Center provides a centralized management dashboard for complete control of the network. The dashboard provides an intuitive and simple overview of network health and menus for quickly identifying and remediating issues.

DNA Center is your network lifeline. It can help protect you from less than ideal situations and even help you remediate issues that you may find yourself facing. It’s crucial to the success of network management, automation, and security. In summary, it’s your network lifeline when it comes to this constantly evolving digital era.

To activate your network lifeline with DNA Center, we can provide expert guidance every step of the way. Through our Cisco DNA Center Advise and Implement Service, we’ll provide planning, software implementation, customization, and integration, as well as testing support. We also deliver a thorough knowledge transfer so you can continue to operate DNA Center with ease. Cisco Services’ full portfolio will speed your transition to an intent-based network.

Back to the buzz about how the network is now open for business and what that really means: The network is now truly open thanks to DNA Center’s increased capabilities. It is now the open platform for intent-based networking because it now has open APIs that open up infinite possibilities. DNA Center is essentially the lifeline empowering 500,000 developers, 60,000 partners and three million network engineers to innovate upon the platform. An open, extensible platform means you now have the power to customize your network, building the applications you need for greater business and IT efficiency.

Need more reasons to consider DNA Center as your network lifeline? View this infographic to see the top 5 reasons why DNA Center is the platform for digital business.


Nausheen Najib

Enterprise Networks Marketing