Because of massive turnover in workforces, a renewed focus on employee safety, and negative impacts on customer loyalty and satisfaction, manufacturers have built new business models to service their customers.

They’ve deployed new hybrid workplace models and renewed their focus on the Circular Economy. Because of this, sustainability’s new meaning in the Manufacturing industry is maintaining its position in the marketplace.

Data from IMD World Competitiveness Center shows a K-shaped recovery, where digitally savvy companies have recovered significantly quicker than other organizations since the economic downturn in March of 2020.


The pandemic has also driven manufacturers to gain greater visibility and insights into their operations, stop manual troubleshooting, reduce time spent on issues and achieve sustainability goals with solutions that are highly secure, scalable, and easy to manage.

Cisco is in a unique position to help manufacturers drive new levels of agility with our digital solutions so they can sustain their competitive position.

Here are a few examples of some recent projects:

Cheetah Technologies
Armstrong International Private Ltd
AKR Textiles

Learn more about why manufacturers are turning to Cisco’s solutions to build an intelligent plant to better manage energy, waste, and materials to achieve emissions and recycling objectives for a sustainable business while balancing social responsibility and regulatory compliance.

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Carlos Rojas

Global Industry Lead