SPS IPC Drives 2017 – Nuremberg Germany
November 28-30, 2017 – Location: 10.0-320 (HOPF booth)

I’m excited to announce that Cisco will have a presence at SPS Drives this year to showcase our network solutions with our partner, HOPF.  HOPF is a solution provider based in Germany that offers a range of products and services to industry.  This is Europe’s leading exhibition for electric automation.  See Cisco in the HOPF booth and learn how Cisco, together with partners can deliver “One secure network for Industrie 4.0” from the enterprise to the factory. The event is free, and you can register here.

Cisco is delivering on ALL the cornerstones of Industrie 4.0.  To fully succeed in an I4.0 transformation, industry needs network interoperability (convergence), information transparency, and transformation of IoT data into timely action and relevant insight.  Cisco solutions help aggregate, visualize, and analyze digital data from connected machines and equipment, and assure rapid, secure delivery of data to relevant applications .  Cisco brings the power of real time action and insight from I4.0 data to manufacturing resulting in visibility across your factory, assets and workers with value in four key areas:

  • Simplicity: Simple network management for a more resilient, reliable network.
  • Intelligence: IoT data transformation via distributed intelligence from edge to cloud for timely action and relevant insight.
  • Network Automation: Plug and play network deployment to streamline processes and drive productivity.
  • Security: Visibility and control to reduce risk, protect your IP and ensure production integrity.

Come by the booth to see our Time Sensitive Networking demo, showing how the IE4000 series of switches supports this a new standard for deterministic applications to help our customers converge their industrial networks.

Time Sensitive Networking has achieved rapid adoption across the ecosystem of industrial automation vendors.  Notably, B&R will have some exciting new announcements in this area, including OPC UA integration.  OPC UA is a standard that applies context to data.  By adopting the standard, different machines from different vendors can share valuable real-time data, and that data can be easily interpreted for M2M communication and machine optimization.  I’d recommend you stop by the B&R booth (7-114, 7-206) and TTTech Computertechnik (6-460) to see a number of demos highlighting Cisco’s IE4000 industrial switching solutions.

Cisco will also have industrial switching technology featured in the Profinet booth on the Factory-Automation Wall.  Visit the Profinet International booth at 2-539.  Profinet is supported with Cisco IE switches.

Cisco also works closely with the Industrial Internet Consortium, where our TSN Testbed recently won best Testbed at the IoT Solutions World Congress. The consortium is a group of more than 260 companies.  Special thanks to all those companies for making this a success!

To learn even more, come see us November 28 at 16:45 at the “Shapers” press conference where a prominent group of Industrial and Networking companies are coming together to discuss the progress of an open, unified, standards-based IIoT communication solution between sensors, actuators, controllers and cloud addressing major requirements necessary for industrial automation.  The initiative focuses on Time Sensitive Networks to drive further standards based automation.  It focuses on OPC as the organization which will drive the application convergence through OPC’s adoption of TSN.  OPC and TSN are clearly called out for this reason in Industrie 4.0 output.

Here is an overview of the solutions we will be highlighting in the HOPF booth: 

  • Time Sensitve Networking: Converge your plant networks into one secure network for Industrie 4.0. With TSN, Industrial IoT applications run over the same Ethernet infrastructure as time-critical communications. TSN can eliminate network silos that block reachability to critical plant areas and can help you extract real-time data for analytics and business insights.
  • Connected Factory – Network: Cisco provides a network backbone that can handle the demands and unleash the possibilities of digital technology. Learn how adopting a tested and validated industrial Ethernet architecture, including factory wireless, will allow your manufacturing processes to securely operate at higher levels of performance, efficiency, and uptime.  Easily manage that network infrastructure with Industrial Network Director – also demonstrated in the booth.
  • Connected Factory Security: Manufacturing is the number one targeted Industry for cyberattacks and security breaches. Learn how IoT Threat Defense can protect from the enterprise to the shop floor can lower your costs, improve safety & reduce downtime.

Follow us on Twitter at @CiscoMFG to see the live activity at the show even if you’re unable to make it to Nuremberg.


Scot Wlodarczak

No Longer with Cisco