Are you looking to better understand the current landscape of industrial security? What about best overall practices for securing your plant floor? Or do you want to understand what technology can help you secure your operations for both new and legacy systems?

Over the past month, we’ve covered all of these topics in a series of security webinars that are now available on demand if you were unable to attend the live sessions.

Cyber Risk in Manufacturing

We recently collaborated with industry leaders at Deloitte and MAPI on a webinar based on their report on cyber risk in advanced manufacturing. If you haven’t seen the report, take a look here. Some of the key themes from the study include:

  • Executive and board management
  • Talent and human capital
  • Intellectual property
  • Industrial control systems
  • Connected products
  • Industrial ecosystems

A webinar presentation of the report is now available here and presents key findings from the authors as well as their viewpoints on best practices for manufacturers as they assess their current security risks.

Top 3 Security Challenges for Manufacturing

A panel of security experts dove into the critical security challenges that manufacturers are facing. The three topics addressed included:

  • What IT/OT convergence in manufacturing looks like from a security lens
  • How a strategic infrastructure segmentation approach will allow you to reduce risk, simplify your audit profile, protect data, and achieve a defensible position for board-level requirements
  • How to enable simplified management, lowered complexity, and increased consistency – resulting in optimized operational costs

The on-demand recording for this webinar is available here.

ISA 3000: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

As more devices come online within industrial settings, increased security risks become inherent with that connectivity. Adding to the issue is the fact that many of these devices were never designed with security fully in mind. Today’s industrial environments need advanced threat protection and a ruggedized solution like the ISA 3000 firewall that helps to ensure safe, reliable service delivery for industrial control networks.

This webinar reviews how the ISA 3000 industrial firewall can be leveraged to meet these security use cases and includes:

  • Meeting standards
  • Secure remote access
  • Ensuring safe operation of critical infrastructure from cyber attacks

The on-demand recording for this webinar is available here. Thanks to everyone who registered for these sessions. If you’re interested in attending more webinars in the series, please register here.

To learn more about assessing risk and setting a security strategy, visit our interactive security experience:


Eric Ehlers

Marketing Manager

Manufacturing and Energy