The big game is coming!  Which game?  Although the American football season is over, the super bowl of industry events is coming – Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany April 23-27, 2018.  With 200,000+ attendees, and 6,000+ exhibitors across an enormous set of trade show halls, you can be sure to see solutions that help you advance on your Industrie 4.0 journey!

Industrie 4.0, offers great promise for manufacturers to optimize business operations. The key to any successful I4.0 project lies in the factory data.  Without data, extracted from a myriad of sources, delivered to the right application, at the right time, along with analysis of that data – little optimization can happen.  Industrial customers need seamless, secure access to this data to make better business decisions in their plants, which can only happen with a reliable plant to enterprise network and unique software solutions to make the job of managing large industrial data sets easier.

Come to Hannover Messe in Hall 6.0, Stand G30 to learn how Cisco and our partners deliver the foundational elements for manufacturers to improve business operations through I4.0, all while securing production integrity, and protecting intellectual property from the factory to the enterprise and beyond.  Walk your way through five booth zones to see how Cisco and our partners enable your I4.0 journey:

Zone 1: Connected Factory Network –  See how a single, converged, unified plant-to-business network, tested and validated to support standard industrial Ethernet protocols like Ethernet IP, Profinet, and CCLink, along with industrial standards like Time Sensitive Networking provide the critical backbone needed for I4.0 transformation.  This interoperability is possible with an IT recognized Industrial Ethernet switching hardware set based on Catalyst enterprise switching technology, along with operations-friendly network management tools like Industrial Network Director, and FOG director to manage edge application deployment.  See how network simplification can reduce network maintenance costs, and how reliable plant connectivity enables collaboration and innovation.

Zone 2: Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) – See how TSN enables Industrial IoT applications to run over the same Ethernet infrastructure as time-critical Industrial Automation and Control communications.  With the OPC-UA protocol now running over TSN, it also becomes possible to have standard and secure communication from sensor to cloud.   TSN fills an important gap in industrial networking, namely secure, guaranteed latency and delivery for critical traffic.  TSN can eliminate network silos that block reachability to critical plant areas and can help you extract real-time data for analytics and business insights.  TSN has achieved rapid adoption across the ecosystem of industrial automation vendors, and that ecosystem continues to grow.

Zone 3: Enterprise to Factory Security – Cisco is a recognized leader in cyber security, and this display steps customers through a layered approach to security, along with specific use cases for manufacturing.  See how Cisco Identity Services Engine, Stealthwatch, and Industrial Network Director come together to provide critical visibility and help simplify security in industrial settings.  Secure Remote access, micro-segmentation, and identity based security policies all help improve a manufacturer’s security posture – to protect IP, and ensure production integrity.

Zone 4: Data Management – Cisco has demonstrated our strength on the Network, but our industrial customers also demand help with data management.  See how Cisco Kinetic helps industrial customer extract, move, and compute data from disparate sources around their plant to applications that drive more intelligent and actionable information, and make better decisions to optimize operations.

Zone 5: Operational Excellence – See how Cisco and our partners end the I4.0 journey with specific use cases. Check out unique factory collaboration solutions with Cisco Spark, and Sparkboard.  See how Converged PlantWide Ethernet and Industrial Automation equipment from Rockwell Automation, compute technology from Intel, location based services technology from AiRISTA, and a host of other partners demonstrating key use cases  help optimize business operations and achieve outstanding business outcomes.

Take a journey through our booth zones to see how Cisco and our partners secure & accelerate your “other” journey…The journey on your way to Industrie 4.0 and improved business operations!

For more details, check out our event site here and register to attend!

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Scot Wlodarczak

No Longer with Cisco