“Everybody has a vision for the future of manufacturing – Industry 4.0 and more. But what always seems to be left out is how to get there. We know where we are – we might know our security status as well – but the question remains… How do we get to where we want to be?” Robert Albach, Cisco, Sr. Product Line Manager

Where do you want to be? Tune into IIoT World’s 90 minute Industrial IoT Cybersecurity virtual conference on August 1st, 2018 sponsored by Cisco and Trend Micro. Get answers to your burning questions about Industrial Control System (ICS) security and more! Click here to register now

Are you proactive or reactive?

With only 90 minutes to share, we’ve carefully chosen the most critical IIoT security topics that you need to hear. This informative virtual conference will help you understand your cybersecurity strategy, outline the steps, and benefit from best practices and key recommendations

Session 1—What’s my strategy?

In this first session, you’ll learn to combat the rise of the sophisticated attacker and build a better view of your Industrial Control System with Eric Byres, CEO, aDolus Inc. We’ll also examine the Attacker Kill Chain—What is it? How do you use it?

Session 2—Where do I start?

After building an understanding of your own unique strategy in the first session, session two will take you through the steps necessary to get there. Cisco’s Sr. Product Line Manager, Robert Albach, will reveal how to evolve your plant security from today’s reality to tomorrow’s connected factory. We’ll walk through the incremental steps you can take to build a strong, secure foundation and then build up to greater and more secure connectivity.

Session 3—What are the challenges?

The third session will focus on overcoming challenges in the operational technology environment. Richard Ku, Sr. Vice President of Trend Micro IoT Security Business, will examine today’s business and cybersecurity challenges in the industrial IoT era. Session three will conclude with an informative discussion highlighting best practices and recommendations to navigate these challenges.

Session 4—Panel Discussion

The last session is all about you! What questions do you still have about industrial cybersecurity? Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to ask any remaining questions you may have. Join our open forum featuring all of our speakers on one panel at the end of the virtual conference (open to all virtual attendees).

August 1st, 2018 | 1:00 PM (EST)

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