At this year’s  Hannover Messe International (HMI), the world’s largest industrial fair, it was more about how industrial companies are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to evolve Industry 4.0 from theory to practice.

The Internet of Things was everywhere at this show.  Almost every vendor on the show floor had an IoT message, in addition there were numerous keynotes and panel discussions centered around IoT.    There was a lot of excitement around Industrie 4.0, which facilitates the vision for a smart, digital factory enabled by IoT.

Cisco’s presence at this event was to show how we are taking IoT beyond the theoretical.  Cisco partners and customers demonstrated leadership in defining, implementing and showcasing connectivity for the production floor from cloud down through to the sensor.  Visitors to the booth this year began to understand and realize that a tested and validated Cisco Connected Factory architecture is the best path to accelerated business value.  One engineer from a large automatic company told me, “Ok.  Now I get it.  Your value is the architecture. You’re taking the complexity out of deploying a stitched together product solution.”

Oliver Tuszik, head of Cisco Germany, reiterates in this video how Cisco is a source for real solutions and practical, proven approaches to IoT including Cisco’s integration with Profinet:

One of the solutions we showed was in partnership with Azeti Networks, where  various sensor and camera data is analyzed in the fog on software running directly on the router, and can then be shared over cloud computing. Through this innovative solution, companies can achieve advancements in productivity and safety enhancements. Another solution we showcased was the Cisco Secure Ops Solution, which helps businesses manage cybersecurity risk and compliance requirements in industrial automation environments.

“With our solutions, we can monitor and control, for example, mobile operator base stations,” said Bernd Heinrichs, Managing Director, IoT EMEAR, Cisco. “Operators are able to keep a permanent eye on status and for example automate heating and ventilation requirements in facilities.”

How is your company making IoT real and practical? Leave me a comment. Thanks for reading!


Kevin Davenport

Cisco’s Global Solutions Manager

Industrial Intelligence