The tedious task of logging Continuing Education (CE) credits can be a frustrating speed bump in the certification journey. The Learning and Certifications team gets that and has added automation to help streamline the credit submission process. We’re talking about less manual data entry, fewer manual submission headaches, and a more seamless learning and recertification experience.

Cisco introduced Continuing Education automation a few months ago, but what does it really mean for you as a Cisco certification holder interested in recertifying? Let’s dive into the solutions Cisco’s automated Continuing Education program brings to the table, making your recertification journey smoother and more focused on learning.

Ditch CE claims with a streamlined recertification progress

The automated Continuing Education program awards credits as you complete eligible training. Using your cisco.com ID, the system recognizes you as a certified individual and applies credits within 24 hours of your completed training. So you can focus on learning and watch your recertification progress take care of itself.

Enjoy hassle-free certification mapping: Follow these steps for a seamless experience

  1. Ensure your Cisco ID matches your active certification profile and open a support case if you’re not sure.
  2. Enroll by logging in to the Continuing Education portal with the same Cisco ID and accepting the user agreement.
  3. Monitor Continuing Education credits and track your recertification progress.
  4. Then let the system handle the rest!

Focus on learning, control your timeline, we’ll handle the rest

Your recertification is now tailored to your training completion date. And with three years after recertification until your next deadline, you have time to track and monitor your progress, controlling your timeline and exploring your passions as you complete training at your own pace. Cisco’s commitment is to let you enjoy your learning journey while they take care of the administrative side.

The benefits of embracing Cisco’s automated Continuing Education program are not just theoretical; they’re tangible and transformative.

Experience continuous learning and look toward future plans

While we’re not fully automated yet, we’re working toward full automation for your future Continuing Education experience. Some examples include:

  • Full automation for all eligible activities
  • Streamlined/consolidated experience within Cisco U.
  • Enhanced recertification progress tracking

We heard your feedback and changed our tracking process 

We recognized our tracking system had requirements that limited the way your credits rolled over. But don’t worry; we’ve changed the process. In fact, we’ve recalculated and reapplied any credits that did not roll over before, so now all your well-earned credits will roll over to the next recertification cycle for Associate-, Specialist-, and Professional-level certifications. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your certification status or Continuing Education credits, please open a support case.

Happy Learning!


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David Major

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