The shift to digital has permeated almost every facet of modern life, including communication, work, learning, and socialization. In recent years, digital learning has transformed education, opening up new possibilities for learners and making education accessible on a global scale.

The ongoing digital transformation across industries has highlighted the growing importance of having access to high-quality education that offers continuous learning and upskilling opportunities. Investing in one’s own education and skill development is closely linked to better career prospects, higher earning potential, and greater job security and satisfaction.

At Cisco, we are passionate about creating opportunities, fostering inclusion, and driving positive change in the world. We are thrilled to announce our new collaboration with Coursera, where we will enable learners from around the world to access Cisco’s top-quality learning content in Network Automation and Cybersecurity. This collaboration underscores our commitment to empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the constantly evolving digital world. We are delighted to team up with Coursera, one of the world’s leading online learning platforms with over 124 million learners globally, to help learners achieve their educational and career aspirations.

Here’s what you need to know about Cisco’s Specializations offered on Coursera:

  • Network Automation Engineering Fundamentals: This Specialization provides an overview and a primer for network engineers looking to start their journey in Network Automation.
  • Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals: The Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals Specialization gives learners the basic skills needed to begin a career as an entry-level cybersecurity analyst. As you progress through this Specialization, you’ll gain the foundational knowledge that organizations require to protect their network.

As the threat landscape continues to rapidly evolve and the management of complex networks at scale becomes increasingly crucial, we believe that our specializations will help learners embark on their path towards some of the most sought-after IT careers, empowering them to unlock their full potential.

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Happy learning!

Par Merat, Vice President, Learning & Certifications

Sadhika Salariya, Business Development Manager, Learning & Certifications


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Par Merat

Vice President

Cisco Learning & Certifications