I finally got to experience Cisco Live again — in person! It was a fantastic week with the #CiscoCert community at Cisco Live Las Vegas. Whether you joined Cisco Live 2022 in person or watched it online, I hope you enjoyed being a part of the journey.

There’s always more to discover about our plans to transform the future of learning and technology, so let’s dive into some of the highlights from the Learning & Certifications team at Cisco Live this year. Keep reading for a recap on this year’s big reveal, memorable moments, and more to support your learning journey and keep the momentum going.

Cisco Live 2022, Meet Cisco U.

Day 2 of Cisco Live 2022 introduced the world to our new digital learning experience, Cisco U. As Thimaya Subaiya, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Customer Experience, stepped into the spotlight for his portion of the Keynote: Vision for the Future, it was time for the big reveal — and I couldn’t wait for its reception.

As I looked upon the dark sea of attendees circling the main stage, what I saw was incredible. Despite the vast shadow of blue-tinted darkness,  it couldn’t mask the glow of onlookers by the thousands, as their eyes widened in excitement. From Las Vegas to the rest of the world watching online, was the announcement of Cisco U. — and it was magical.

If you missed it, watch the recording of the Cisco Live 2022 Keynote: Vision for the Future here.

About Cisco U.

Cisco U. is a personalized learning experience where learners, partners, customers, and content creators can collaborate.

The platform combines a unique mix of project-based learning, skill insights, and adjacent technologies to offer an exceptional learning experience like no other. 

Whether you need the training for a certification, role, or solution, Cisco U. guides learners and teams to their tech learning goals, with courses, a vibrant community, and deep content for both Cisco and third-party technologies, shaped to how you learn.

You could be one of the first to explore our new digital learning experience. Sign up for early access to Cisco U. today.

“We’re focused on how we evolve our program and meet our
where they are. The world has changed.
So, we’re introducing a new learning experience.” 

— Par Merat, VP Learning & Certifications

Guidance on DevNet Expert and Cisco Modeling Labs at Cisco Live 2022

Sessions on the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert certification and exam were popular among those interested in climbing the DevNet knowledge ladder. In one session, attendees got to talk to experts who had a hand in building the exam, asking questions about the blueprint, where to find study material, and how we’re employing the principles of the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert ourselves. We could have easily gone a whole day, as the audience was very interested in grilling us for as many tidbits as we would provide.

Take a look at some of the notes from our discussion here. 

Attendee approaches Hank Preston after a session at Cisco Live 2022.
Attendee approaches Hank Preston after his session at Cisco Live 2022.

Hank Preston impressed with his “Introduction to the DevNet Expert Certification” presentation. In fact, after his presentation, a customer approached us to tell Hank that his use of a public code had helped him get a promotion, advocate for network automation with his employer, and essentially change his life. If that’s not an incredible customer experience, I don’t know what is. Check out the tweet from the interaction here.

In another DevNet Expert session, we held a deep-dive technical seminar, where we went through six exam-like sample questions to give people a real-world take on how to read, plan, and tackle DevNet Expert lab tasks.

Juulia Santala, Palmer Sample, and John Capobianco did not disappoint with their opening of the World of Network Automation for Enterprise in their presentation, “ABCs of Enterprise Networking Programmability.” And although we are all familiar with the blogging expertise of John Capobianco, this time, we got to witness his first lab as an instructor, as did the entire audience in attendance. (By the way, he was a huge success at that, too.)

For those interested in getting their hands dirty learning things that might help them with the CI/CD bits of the DevNet Expert blueprint, we hosted a four-hour lab on using Cisco Modeling Labs, Ansible, and pyATS to do config testing and deployments from development all the way to production. We packed the lab in Las Vegas and had another excellent session during the Connected Learning program.

Cisco Live 2022 On-Demand Digital Library

The learning doesn’t end with Cisco Live in Las Vegas. Featured sessions on Enterprise, CCDE, Collaboration, and CyberOps are available on-demand for your at-home viewing experience. That’s right. Each Learning and Certifications stand-out session is available on-demand.

The following Cisco Live 2022 sessions were highly rated by attendees:

  • Everything You Wanted to know About the Cisco Certified DevNet Exam but Were Afraid to Ask IBOCRT-2003
  • CCNP Enterprise Hands-On Troubleshooting LTRCRT-2002
  • CCDE Practical Exam Practice Lab LTRCRT-300
  • The ABCs of Enterprise Networking Programmability LTRCRT-2157
  • Performing CyberOps Using Cisco Security Technologies LTRCRT-2001
  • Building Config Change Confidence with Cisco Modeling Labs and NetDevOps LTRCRT-2000
  • Get Prepared for your CCNP Collaboration Certification BRKCRT-2011
  • CCIE Collaboration v3: Configuring B2B URI Dialing with CUCM and VCS Expressway – LTRCRT-1065

Watch On-Demand Cisco Live 2022 Las Vegas Sessions here.

Congratulations and a Sincere Thanks

Finally, I’d like to congratulate everyone who took a certification exam, including CCIE and CCDE labs. The On-Site Test Center delivered over 1,500 exams, and to everyone who sat for an exam: What an amazing step forward in your learning journey.

I’d also especially like to thank our Cisco Live squad: Aref Alsouqi, Billy Zoellers, David Peñaloza, Elliot Dierksen, Jonatan Jonasson, Jason Mallon, and Yasser Auda, for bringing Cisco Live alive for the global #CiscoCert community!


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