Ryan Deppe, one of our customer advocates in The Gateway Americas community, sent us an inspiring post recently that really brightened our day. He shares with us how he’s found his own way to foster social connection and compassion in today’s temporary state of isolation. Ryan is a Network Operations Manager with Cianbro, a 100% employee-owned construction and construction services company located near Portland, Maine.

Ryan eloquently writes:

quote from Ryan Deppe

Now that’s what we call “hitting the nail on the head.” Beautiful sentiment, Ryan, and we thank you for sharing your perspective with us. We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to read Ryan’s post on LinkedIn, Ripples of Kindness.

And, if you’re connecting with each other in new ways or finding ways to help out—large or small, in your own backyard or as part of a larger community effort—we’d love to hear from you. It’s our shared humanity that is helping all of us navigate this new normal.


Ann Kelly

Communications Manager

Global Advocacy