University IT command center
IT and security command center, Brunel University London.

Brunel University London celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2016, but traces its roots to 1798 through several predecessor schools with a rich history of education. Today, the university offers a range of curriculums and conducts a multitude of high-end research initiatives with consortiums and partners from across Europe. It’s critical that the school be able to protect the intellectual property that comes from this collaborative research, given that universities are often a target for criminal cyber-attacks.

Michael Jenkins, Chief Information Security Officer, leads the university’s staff of IT and security experts. He and his team knew Cisco could deliver the depth and breadth of security solutions they needed to ensure their critical security stance, while integrating seamlessly with their existing technologies.

Learn more about how Cisco security solutions help Brunel University London defend intellectual property from cyber threats, while increasing operational efficiency.


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