In November 2021, Cisco’s Global Advocacy team hosted the first ever Cisco Global Advocate Awards event. We celebrated the top-performing customer and partner marketing advocates in Cisco’s advocacy communities across ten categories—putting the spotlight on the amazing work they continue to do for Cisco. We’re excited to bring you a special Gateway Triangle podcast series, where we get to know our Global Advocate Award winners and hear their stories!

John Pell, an Advisory Solution Consultant at ServiceNow, joined us for this special episode. John won the CX Ambassador of the Year Award in 2021 for his work with the Cisco CX team. John has previously worked side-by-side with Cisco to upgrade his customers’ Contact Center platform to build and migrate from their old platforms to new ones. John’s work now revolves around helping new and existing customers uncover their business needs and implement ServiceNow’s software to help them accomplish their goals. One project that caught our attention was building a program that helped workers adapt to the pandemic.

As John explained, “One of the things that ServiceNow did last year was build a COVID vaccination program. We were able to automate the booking system that allowed the public to go in and schedule a vaccination.”

ServiceNow also works to build safe workplace programs that allow workers to safely work from the office. John’s work is powering Hybrid Work for his company and his customers. The most impressive part is that they are executing on these projects in a matter of weeks!

The value of advocacy with Cisco

John clearly excels in his work, but he’s also a standout advocate for Cisco. He shared with us that he signs in to the Cisco advocacy community as part of his morning routine to look at content that is relevant to him. He says that he finds information there that he wouldn’t have otherwise learned about, which is amazing to hear. John also adds outstanding value back into our community with his thoughtful and insightful feedback. He provides knowledge to his peers and truly fosters a sense of community.

“One of the things that I find most engaging and useful about Cisco’s advocacy community is the way that it collates the information of Cisco products,” John explained. “It’s the way that it’s presented in that bite-sized format. It’s the fact that you can drop in and spend 5 minutes to learn something valuable. If this wasn’t there as a platform to engage with, I wouldn’t have learned about some important information.”


If you know John, then it’s no surprise that he won an award with us. We’re so happy to celebrate his work! Tune in next time for more from our Cisco Global Advocate Awards 2021 winners!

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Nicholas D'Amato

Marketing Coordinator, Global Community Host

Global Advocacy Team