In November 2021, Cisco’s Global Advocacy team hosted the first ever Cisco Global Advocate Awards event. We celebrated the top-performing customer and partner marketing advocates in Cisco’s advocacy communities across ten categories—putting the spotlight on the amazing work they continue to do for Cisco. We’re excited to bring you a special Triangle podcast series, where we get to know our Global Advocate Award winners and hear their stories! Amit Gumber, a Senior Manager at HCL Technologies Ltd., joined us for this special episode.

Amit won the Future of Work Visionary Award in 2021 for his work implementing Cisco solutions to help his company thrive during uncertain times. He is an advocate “Rockstar” in our customer advocacy community, Cisco Insider Advocates (formerly, The Gateway). This award was given to the customer with the most compelling story of how he or she changed the workplace to adapt to remote or hybrid work.

Amit and his team implement IT solutions and infrastructure for both his company and clients to provide agile and secure ways of working. His work in-house and for clients is quite impressive and it’s clear that he deserved this award. Amit’s project was critical to allowing HCL Technologies and its clients to continue working during the pandemic in a secure and effective way.

As Amit explained, “We deployed Cisco Secure products, including Cisco Next Generation Firewalls, and we used multifactor authentication from Duo and Cisco Security Analytics and Logging. Using all of these solutions simultaneously, we built our secure platform that enabled our remote workers to securely access data in the cloud.”


How does it feel to be an award winner?

The best thing our team could hear is that we are making a difference and adding value for our customer advocates. We asked Amit what it was like to find that he won, and it was clear that his Global Advocate Award made a difference in his personal and professional life.

“I was extremely excited to find out that I won the Future of Work Visionary Award. On a personal level, it makes me more confident to highlight my abilities and strengths. And professionally, it helped me get more visibility across different social media channels. People know about me globally now, and I’ve received congratulations from so many people in my company.”

As we wrapped the episode, Amit encouraged his colleagues and other technology professionals to get involved as much as possible. He finds value in learning everything he can about technology, and it has definitely helped him in his career. He’s now learning everything he can about Hybrid Work. We’ll definitely be seeing more of Amit in the future!

We want to congratulate Amit again on his award. Read more about Amit’s involvement with Cisco advocacy.

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Nicholas D'Amato

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Global Advocacy Team