East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine adheres to a nationally unique model of education and patient care. The school not only prepares new dentists for careers, but it continually seeks new solutions and ways to serve North Carolinians with state-of-the-art dentistry. The school’s mission is centered on reaching all North Carolina residents, but particularly those in underserved rural communities who may otherwise lack access to quality care.

East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine students
Hands-on learning at ECU School of Dental Medicine.

Dental students receive classroom instruction and hands-on training at the main campus in Greenville and in eight community service learning centers (CSLCs) staffed by faculty, students, and residents. Cross-architecture solutions from Cisco—including collaboration, security, enterprise networking, wireless, and data center products—power the school’s network that supports state-of-the-art equipment and the most modern methods of treatment and care.

Learn more about how Cisco’s cross-architecture solutions speed and secure the network to ensure their students stay connected to collaborate and deliver onsite and teledentistry expertise throughout North Carolina.


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