I’m excited to head to Stockholm next month for the annual NSO Developer Days conference which runs from June 18-20. This is one of my favorite events because it’s a great opportunity for developers from around the globe to engage in talks, hands-on learning with experts, and previews of our latest developer products.

So what makes NSO Developer Days a “must-attend” event?  The opportunity to meet and chat with the engineers that build Network Services orchestrator (NSO) is invaluable. Engineers, product development teams, and customers get together to share NSO best practices and discuss roadmaps. The event provides a forum to network with development engineers and engage in discussions with other customers using NSO.

The NSO developer community has grown exponentially over the last several years and the next Developer Days’ event expects to host nearly 450 attendees. This growth is an indicator that people are not only finding value in NSO but are also ready to invest time in further innovation.

NSO, one of the fastest growing offers in our multicloud portfolio, helps customers address transformation for the reality they are facing today — which is typically a combination of multi-vendor, multicloud, legacy, physical, and virtual. Attending NSO Developer Days can offer deeper insight into the possibilities of the technology and foster new thinking on other ways you can use NSO in your environment.

If network automation is part of your charter, or you are considering an automation initiative, NSO Developer Days offers a unique networking opportunity. Tickets are still available and you can find more details at the Developer Days site.



Kip Compton

No longer with Cisco