Naples is breathing innovation, again!

You may remember the Cisco Academy and Digital Transformation Lab, which opened at the University of Naples. It aims to revitalize the economy in Naples and fulfill smart community challenges by combining talent and passion from students, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Now – we’re taking it a step further. Together with TIM and the University of Naples, we’re opening a new innovation hub – the TIM Innovation Hub – where a real 5G connection is turned on to accelerate a new wave of innovation.

The TIM Innovation Hub will serve as a base for experimenting cutting-edge technologies in the context of Industry 4.0, Cyber Security, Smart City, Multi Cloud and Collaboration. It will develop a network of relevant partners and promising startups to address customer business needs with innovative approaches and technical solutions.

At the official opening, 20 commercial demos were shown to partners and customers, including new 5G potential applications.

5G is not only an evolution of previous mobile broadband networks (4G/LTE), it’s also an enabler of unique experiences and service capabilities that will be consumed in every aspect of our lives and especially every aspect of our work.

It will provide a whopping improvement of mobile performances allowing more capacity, lower latency, more mobility, improved reliability and availability as well as connecting more devices simultaneously, saving battery life.

But what unleashes such potential? Collaboration.

Today, Cisco Collaboration allows us to instantly collaborate and move our work forward through video call, file sharing, white board, presentation and file co-working with the support of Cisco Conferencing products to make it easier.

Just imagine what the amazing benefits there will be by merging both of them, 5G and Collaboration! What a powerful instrument for our customers!

This is what we successfully tested in the new TIM Innovation Hub at Naples! The first Webex meeting experience has been tested with 5G mobile devices! The result? No more lag on video calling, real-time document sharing, and always the highest audio quality.

But the best is yet to come, imagine all the features that will be unlocked with 5G. For example: Augmented Reality Collaboration to receive additional information about the meeting, Virtual Reality Meeting to attend meetings in virtual conference rooms or Holographic video conferencing.

Much of 5G’s potential is yet to be unlocked, but we’ve just taken the first steps on the road of the future!

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Alessandro Marra

Sales Specialist