The rise of the API economy has transformed how we use technology in the enterprise, but while technology has advanced, methods of doing business over the internet have not kept pace. Businesses today need to increasingly manage data & transactions among a large number of untrusted parties resulting in challenges around transparency and security. The emergence of blockchain based technologies promises to lay the foundation for trust in the enterprise through the digitization of business processes, tokenization of assets & codification of complex contracts1. But while blockchain has the potential to transform the business landscape, most if not all the efforts around blockchain today are still in the experimental stage. As part of this journey from proof of concepts to wide-spread adoption, there’s a realization that key challenges need to be addressed:

  • As customers move from proof of concepts to enterprise-scale deployments, they’re looking for established standards and platforms that meet the complex needs of the enterprise.
  • While blockchain is a transformational technology, customers are ultimately looking for industry-specific solutions to transform their business processes.
  • As large enterprises with complex business relationships and infrastructure look to build blockchain networks at scale, the true value will be unlocked only by the interconnectivity of many independent blockchain networks.

As blockchain moves from experimentation to widespread adoption, Cisco is leading a number of efforts to make the technology enterprise ready and we’ll be showcasing a number of those initiatives at this years’ Cisco Live in Orlando.

Bringing Blockchain to Cisco Live

At Cisco Live this year, we will have a number of different learning opportunities for enterprises and developers to get you started on your blockchain journey. Are you interested in understanding how to deploy blockchains across your enterprise? What about understanding what are the top use cases for blockchain in the enterprise today? Interested in learning how Cisco is leveraging blockchain within our own company to transform the way we do business? Attend our sessions and learn more about Cisco’s efforts to drive enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies.

In addition, we will also be hosting developer workshops in the Cisco DevNet zone for developers to get hands-on experience in developing and deploying smart contracts on the blockchain. You’ll meet experts from Cisco’s blockchain team that will teach you the technology behind smart contracts. We’ll provide you easy to use tools and training so that anyone can become a smart-contract developer. See what you can create in under an hour with a chance for prizes and other cool giveaways!

We’re here to help

Our team is here to help you learn, develop and get inspired by the possibilities of blockchain in the enterprise. Come attend our sessions and see how we can help you get started on your blockchain journey.

Thanks for reading.


1 – https://www.coindesk.com/5-blockchain-developments-coming-2018/


Nikhil Gangaraju

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions