We are delighted to have Tony Carrella, Co-Founder and President of Energybox Inc. as guest blogger on our channel.


At Energybox we recognize that what’s good for the planet is often good for business, too. That’s especially true for our customers: large, multi-site businesses ranging from restaurants and convenience stores to retail and laboratory environments.

Our customers manage vast numbers of sites at different locations, each with multiple pieces of business-critical equipment. Even small inefficiencies in their operations can make significant impacts on profit—and the planet. However, with greater visibility to operations at every site, these businesses can improve their financial and environmental sustainability.

We believe that a sustainable business is a smart business. Our mission is to help multi-site customers reduce energy consumption, reduce cost, and improve sustainability.

Our solution uses an industrial IoT network to capture data, deliver insights, and automate manual processes with real-time notifications. From an enterprise dashboard, business leaders can remotely monitor and manage all their locations. They use our solution to avoid equipment failure and unplanned downtime, reduce energy costs, avoid spoilage and, ultimately, improve profit margins. In fact, our solutions provide the average enterprise with millions of dollars in savings every year.

The moment that you are able to visualize your energy usage is the moment that you can control your energy usage.

And for the scale, flexibility and security needed to deliver this solution, we rely on Cisco.

We’re talking about tens of thousands of locations monitoring and managing hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment that have to work minute to minute, second to second. You cannot rely on anything but state-of-the-art solutions to be able to do that. And that is why we partner with a company like Cisco.

Every Energybox deployment includes the Cisco Catalyst IR1101 Rugged Series Router for secure connectivity and to host the Energybox edge application, which provides data insights for our customers. Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard is a critical part of the solution. It provides template-based, zero-touch deployment, connectivity monitoring, management of the lifecycle of applications on the industrial routers and it allows us to remotely configure and upgrade Energybox equipment at customer locations without the need for site visits.

Cisco’s IoT Operations Dashboard enables our customers to enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted service of our solutions. For Energybox, it gives us the ability to remotely access the systems at any given time without having to deploy field services to a site to address any potential issues. Using these tools, our team is able to upgrade and configure connected equipment remotely.

With the support of Cisco networking solutions, Energybox is serving large, world-renowned enterprises such as Wendy’s. And IoT Operations Dashboard is helping us to rapidly scale out to many remote sites to meet our business demands. For customers of all sizes, the solution empowers organizations to realize cost and productivity benefits at scale.

We are delighted to help our customers optimize their energy usage through remote monitoring, management, and control of systems like HVAC and lighting. Reduce spoilage thanks to door sensors and automated alerts. And all of us are making significantly fewer site visits to check on equipment and other assets. These changes represent just the beginning of what’s possible through Energybox’s partnership with Cisco.

Watch the Energybox and Cisco IoT sustainability success video below and read the Energybox blog to learn more about this success story.

Visit the Energybox IoT customer story page for more information.


Tony Carrella

Co-Founder and President

Energybox Inc.