When a movie wins an Academy Award, I know it excels in a certain way. When a movie wins in multiple categories—like Forrest Gump (six Oscars), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (five Oscars), and Gone With the Wind (four Oscars)—we know it has widespread appeal.

Red carpet for the internet of things

I’m proud to announce that Cisco’s IoT portfolio swept the awards this year, winning not one, but three IoT Breakthrough Awards. The IoT Breakthrough Awards recognize innovators, leaders, and visionaries from around the globe in multiple IoT categories. Selected from thousands of nominees, we won in these categories:

  • M2M Network Company of the Year. This is a shout out to our industrial IoT portfolio of enterprise-grade switches, routers, and wireless solutions—all built with industry-leading security. You can connect any asset, even in the harshest environments, with a choice of access technologies (ethernet, DSL, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6, LoRaWAN, Wi-SUN, private and public 5G, LTE, etc.).
  • M2M Product of the Year. Our new Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers connect vehicles like first responders, mass transit, and commercial fleets. They give you built-in Cisco security, gigabit-class bandwidth, and a modular design that extends product life.
  • M2M Embedded Hardware Company of the Year. Systems integrators use our ultra-compact and ruggedized embedded line of network products to build custom solutions for specialized use cases in defense, aerospace, oil and gas, and transportation.

Wait, there’s more! Other recognition for our IoT portfolio this year includes:

  • “Leader” in Forrester Wave™ for ICS security solutions. More assets are connected at the edge every day, expanding the threat landscape. Visibility and threat defense are key to reducing risk. Forrester said that our “superior product strategy is to enable ICS asset owners to move towards a zero-trust model.”
  • Frost & Sullivan’s Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award. The announcement says, “Regardless of the application or industrial environment, Cisco can connect, manage and secure devices across various networks, providing customers with scale and security in a hyper-connected world.”
  • CRN Tech Innovator Award – Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard was recognized for helping operations teams deploy, monitor, troubleshoot, and gain insights into their connected devices, at any scale.
  • #1 Market Share Leader in Industrial Edge Components – Omdia named Cisco IoT the market leader in its Industrial Edge Networking Components 2021 report. We led every segment (wireless, switching, and access points) with growth outpacing the market.

The reasons behind the sweep

The common theme behind all this recognition? It’s that our IoT portfolio meets the very wide variety of edge requirements. Different use cases, like utility substations, manufacturing lines, roadways, and police cars and buses. Different access technologies, including 5G. Different protocols, environmental conditions, mounting requirements, etc. Whatever your use case, we have a solution that solves the biggest problems for your IT and operations teams.

Take cybersecurity, for instance. One approach is to add more boxes and vendors. But a fragmented architecture makes it impossible to deploy at scale—and leads to missed insights, blind spots, and strained operational and IT resources. Our IoT portfolio has built-in (not bolted-on) security. You gain visibility all the way from the enterprise network to the IoT edge, along with the tools that operations teams need to keep the business up and running.

The next time I’m in the mood for a great movie, I’ll check out the award winners. As you extend your network to the industrial edge, I invite you to check out our award-winning IoT portfolio.

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Patty Medberry

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Cisco IoT