Let’s get real: Healthcare hasn’t exactly been an early adopter when it comes to digitization. For evidence, just consider the fact that Healthcare is singlehandedly keeping the fax machine alive.

But, at long last, digital transformation is starting to get real traction. Ask any healthcare organization what their highest priority is over the next few years, and they’re likely to say “patient experiences” or simply, “digital experiences.” The goal is more connectivity, more services, more convenience—and as a result, increased efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

Ok. So digital health is the way of the future. But in a world with seemingly endless technology options, where do you start? An app? Video services? Mobility? Better WiFi?

Think about it this way: If you were decorating a house, you might start with an “idea book” to spark inspiration. Does such a thing exist for healthcare technology?

It does now.

Click below to check out “The Innovation Opportunity in Healthcare IT.” It’s chock full of real-world inspiration from three organizations on the leading edge of healthcare innovation. (Hear from them directly in a past webinar here.)

The book focuses in on three main areas:

1) Increasing engagement through video

2) Sharing information via mobile devices

3) Enhancing safety with environmental sensors

What will it inspire in your organization? 

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The Innovation Opportunity in Healthcare IT






Amy Young

Marketing Manager