Acute care in a hospital setting is no longer the norm.  The continuum of care focus has shifted to seamless, integrated care plans designed around the patient and their needs instead of the setting.  Sg2* recently caught up with Barbara Casey, Senior Director of Health Care Business Transformation at Cisco, to discuss trends in healthcare innovation and technology that can help provide the right care, anywhere, anytime.

In the following video snippets, Barbara Casey discusses the power of healthcare consumers to make informed decisions about care plans as well as the power of providers to use data to deliver personalized medicine and seamless care coordination.




Cisco is in a great position to provide borderless collaboration interactions between providers and patients.  Cisco voice, video, and data solutions can help provide convenient access to care while ensuring the seamless handoff of secure and integrated information as patients move from one setting to another.  By supporting video on any endpoint, patients and caregivers can consult from their choice of devices which could be a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, a video phone or any other specialized devices, even in the privacy of their own home.

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* Sg2 is an industry leader in healthcare information with over 1,200 organizations around the world relying on their analytics, intelligence, consulting and educational services.


Mike Haymaker

Healthcare Industry Marketing

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