The last time I was in a hospital was to visit my friend. Her mom was sick, and I went to keep my friend company. We decided to meet in the cafeteria. The Lyft dropped me off at the ER, and then I wandered through the massive hospital complex. I took two different elevators, turned around twice, and asked a passing nurse for directions.

To top it off, I didn’t have any cell service, so I couldn’t let my friend know I was on my way but running late.

And I’m not alone. 30% of first time visitors get lost and confused in hospitals[1]. My experience, even as a visitor, left a lot to be desired. Getting lost makes for an unfortunate start to a situation that is, in most cases, already stressful. With better wayfinding, enhanced by location services, patients and staff can easily navigate a hospital, getting where they need to go efficiently and on time.

Being able to stay connected to people can also help reduce some of the anxiety of being in the hospital. In fact, for 60% of patients, free internet in the waiting room would completely or somewhat minimize frustration[2]. When you’re dealing with the uncertainty of an illness, it’s important to be able to browse the Internet easily and reliably and to stay in touch with friends and family. It can help patients and visitors be more comfortable, entertained, and less anxious, leading to patients who are in a better mood and easier to work with.

Wayfinding and guest connectivity aren’t the only ways mobility can impact the patient experience. Solutions powered by Cisco and our partners can help reduce calls to nurses by putting care plan information and room controls in the patients’ hands.

See how one patient’s experience was improved by Cisco Mobility solutions:

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Sarah Struble

Marketing Manager

Global Healthcare Marketing