It’s no secret security breaches are on the rise. From April to June 2018, 3.14 million patient records were breached, up from 1.12 million breached from January to March of 2018[1]. Increasing vulnerability of records, coupled with rising patient anxiety about healthcare data security[2], means cybersecurity needs to be top of mind for providers.

But how does ransomware get through the door?

What used to be the stuff of science fiction is now real. Hackers might use an unprotected infusion pump on the network as a gateway to your hospital’s data. A staff member might unknowingly download a malicious PDF attachment from an email. Or perhaps a virus has been lurking undetected in your network for some time.

See one way hackers can target your hospital:


What can I do to help protect my patients?

Securing an ever-changing and complex IT infrastructure can be overwhelming. With the expanding attack surface in healthcare, threats are getting more serious—and healthcare organizations must find ways to address them.

By implementing a cybersecurity strategy, Cisco Security solutions can help your hospital:

  • Predict ransomware and other threats before they happen
  • Learn when attacks are being staged
  • Block access to known cryptomining pools, to protect against emerging cryptojacking malware
  • Prevent ransomware from reaching the perimeter
  • Provide a critical layer of personal health information protection
  • Track how personal health information is shared, to protect data and help enforce compliance

Explore the Cisco Umbrella infographic and read this eBook to learn more about how your healthcare organization can stay ahead of cyberattacks.

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[2] Half of US adults are anxious about healthcare data security, HealthIT Security, 2018, https://healthitsecurity.com/news/half-of-us-adults-are-anxious-about-healthcare-data-security


Sarah Struble

Marketing Manager

Global Healthcare Marketing