Studies show that up to 15% of patients may fall one or more times during their hospital stay – with some incurring a serious injury. Traditionally, 1/1 patient sitters have been used to help prevent falls and alleviate the risk of patient roaming.  While this is a viable, albeit costly, solution, it is fraught with staffing, reimbursement, and efficiency challenges.

Cisco Virtual Patient ObservationFall Stats (VPO) is a video-enabled approach to patient sitting that leverages your hospital’s existing network. With VPO, a single well-trained observer can watch 8 or more patients at the same time from a centralized control room.  This modern approach brings a new level of efficiency to patient observation enabling you to free up staff, save time, and better utilize funds. And since VPO runs on your hospital’s existing network, it minimizes your IT costs.

You might be skeptical, and you might wonder how a remote patient sitter can respond quickly. In this video, you can see how VPO is already making a difference in the telemetry unit for North Suburban Medical Center in Colorado by providing a safe environment for patients, easing workflows for nurses, and providing efficiencies and cost savings for the hospital.



Some of the benefits of Cisco VPO for you and your healthcare organization are:

  • Observe more patients with fewer sitters
  • Improve efficiency and workflow
  • Minimize patient sitter scheduling challenges
  • Reduce unreimbursed patient sitter expenses
  • Enable staff to operate at the top of their license, improving job satisfaction

There are also significant benefits for patients and their families:

  • Ensures at-risk patients aren’t left alone
  • Assures family members that their loved ones are safe and well cared for
  • Provides less-intrusive observation
  • Relieves family member responsibility to watch over loved ones

To find out if Cisco VPO can make a difference for your organization, contact a VPO Specialist or your Cisco account team now.



Joyce Perrelli

Healthcare Program Manager

America’s Field Marketing