On average, there are 795,000 stroke cases in America every year, and 130,000 of those cases are fatal. Accelerated identification, diagnosis, and treatment by the right experts are key components in winning the war against strokes.

With four acute care hospitals and two specialty hospitals known for their treatment of stroke patients, throughout five counties, Lee Memorial’s team of dedicated healthcare specialists serve one million patients every year through acute care, emergency care, rehabilitative and diagnostic services, health and wellness education, community outreach, and advocacy programs.

With a world-class neurology team already in place, Lee Memorial needed to connect the right physicians to geographically dispersed patients in need of care.

Their solution? Use Cisco technology to provide a connected patient experience with mobile, high quality, remote video consultations while connecting physicians with reliable, high-speed, mobile access to the hospital’s EMR CT system and PACS.


To learn more about how Lee Memorial improved patient care and physician accessibility, read more in the full case study here.


Alexia Crossman

Global Healthcare Leader

Cisco Industries Marketing