Patients today expect ease, convenience, efficiency, and a digital experience when accessing healthcare services. To deliver on these high expectations, technology must bring contextual intelligence, communication, and data to the proper point of care.

The future of this healthcare technology revolution rests in IT’s hands as those teams now need to manage applications, devices, data, and workflow while balancing a significantly higher cybersecurity risk. The future of care delivery is a “healthcare anywhere” model where data is simultaneously mobile but controlled and secured.

Cisco Thought Leadership in Healthcare

Healthcare system CIOs tell us one of their highest priorities is to establish an enterprise telehealth standard that is integrated into the current workflow and can scale securely.

We encourage you to explore our new thought leadership paper, titled “How to securely scale telehealth adoption,” where we discuss:

  • Digital healthcare today
  • The four pillars of effectiveness needed to scale telehealth securely
  • Actionable next steps to address your healthcare organization’s approach to digital front door, telehealth and more

Read the Cisco Healthcare Thought Leadership paper: How to securely scale telehealth adoption


Allison Norfleet

Global Healthcare Leader

Healthcare Industry Solutions Group