Healthcare organizations are dedicated to providing exceptional care, prioritizing the patient’s satisfaction and experience through a patient-centered approach. This approach ensures patients are firmly at the center of their care and engaged in each step, with a critical piece now being adoption of digital patient communications between the patient and their caregiver.

Yet, the path to truly patient-centered care is not without its challenges. Health care organizations struggle with the complexities of achieving cohesion among different health systems, harnessing the predictive power of data analytics to anticipate patient compliance and addressing the persistent inequities that leave some patients struggling to access care.

New research from Webex shows 76% of respondents feel digital communication tools improve the patient experience, although using these tools are not currently a factor in selecting a healthcare provider with 61% still choosing a provider who did not offer digital communications. This indicates that there is still a low level of awareness that patients can engage with healthcare providers as they would in other aspects of their lives, which is important if providers are moving to a value-based care model.

Advanced communications technology made simple

Cloud communications platforms, such as Webex Connect, help healthcare organizations improve their overall patient engagement strategy. Enabling communication across multiple channels and integrating into existing backend systems makes it quick and simple to introduce digital communications into existing processes and apps, supporting a healthcare providers digital transformation and helping to meet their patients on their choice of communication channel.

Webex Connect is helping to overcome these challenges by delivering a more patient-centric, connected experience through strategic partnerships, personalization, and innovative AI-driven insights. If you were at HIMSS2024, you got to experience the power of Webex Connect and how we used it in our mobile ordering coffee bar, but the importance of it in the healthcare realm is the power of easing the communication and journey of the patient and clinician.

What is Webex Connect’s mobile ordering coffee bar experience?

It’s first important to explain that the Webex Connect mobile ordering experience isn’t a smartphone app, unlike many modern retail communication solutions.

The mobile ordering experience at Café Cisco uses the drag-and-drop workflows, third-party systems integrations, and multi-channel digital communications within Webex Connect to connect patients with clinicians for a seamless healthcare experience. In this case, we’ve applied our technology to showcase a mobile ordering experience.

How does Webex Connect’s mobile ordering coffee bar experience work?

We built our mobile-ordering journey to demonstrate what’s possible when you take the best features of rich messaging channels—in this case, Apple Messages for Business and Google Business Messages—to create exciting new digital customer experiences.

The customer journey starts by scanning a QR code that triggers the experience. Using Webex Connect’s intelligent device detection, the customer is instantly offered a diverse drinks menu through either Apple Business Messages or Google Business Messages on their native messaging client.

While the last stage of the ordering process requires customers to personalize their order by inputting their name, this is the first and only time the customer is expected to enter any textual information. Up to this point, they’ve simply been asked to hit pre-populated options. This makes the experience highly accessible and, above all, faster than any app requiring login information.

On the business end, Webex Connect bundles and passes the order information to the relevant order management system (OMS), and, in this case, the barista making the drinks. The barista can even update the order with an approximate wait time, ensuring the customer is kept in the loop through two-way communications.

What’s more, this wait time offers a unique opportunity to send relevant marketing materials to the customer and ask them for their real-time feedback. Café Cisco can even collect contact details, such as an email address, into an integrated CRM to make the customer’s next interaction even quicker. But this experience is just one of countless use cases powered by Webex Connect’s centralized communication platform.

Why Café Cisco matters

Webex Connect’s mobile ordering coffee bar experience is important. This is because whether you’re trying to manage your appointments, refill a prescription or host video consultations, it demonstrates this technology’s near-limitless potential applications to enable automated two-way, digital interactions between patients and their providers.

The key is that it’s end to end, frictionless for the user and has a built-in iterative change methodology that is data centric.  Cisco built a method to report on the workflow so that you know what works and what doesn’t, so that you could improve the experience for your patients and healthcare staff.

Learn more about Webex Connect and how it works alongside the Webex App and Webex Contact Center to enhance healthcare operations.


Kenny Bloxham

Global CPaaS Healthcare Director

Collaboration / Webex / CPaaS