The future of healthcare is being driven by innovation and digital transformation, with a heightened focus on open-standards interoperability and distributed ecosystems.

While the acceleration of digital technologies, IoT, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and medical device utilization has been beneficial in driving more informed care delivery and greater access to care, the introduction of more devices on the network creates increased risk across the threat landscape. Keeping up with cybersecurity threats has always been a challenge, but today the speed at which new threats are introduced is astounding.

Cisco Thought Leadership in Healthcare

When it comes to security in healthcare, it’s clear that uncertainty has become the new normal. Many organizations are not sure how to identify and manage digital risks in the ever-changing threat landscape, and their current risk management strategies just can’t keep up.

We encourage you to explore our new thought leadership paper, titled “Cybersecurity threats are top of mind for healthcare CIOs and CISOs,” where we explore:

  • The healthcare cybersecurity landscape
  • How to focus on a strategy of security resiliency
  • Points of consideration when assessing your cyber readiness
  • Actionable next steps to address your healthcare organization’s security needs

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Allison Norfleet

Global Healthcare Leader

Healthcare Industry Solutions Group