Where does a Healthcare organization begin when facing Mobile Health or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) challenges? The annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS 2013) conference highlighted how technology and healthcare quality have converged more than ever before. This is a new era where video, mobile and social media technologies are enabling providers to deliver enhanced patient experiences. The Cisco BYOD Strategy Planning Service for Connected Health solves Mobile Technology and BYOD challenges. Consider the following data relative to the explosion of multiple devices:

Healthcare organizations face challenges supporting mobile devices reliably while maintaining operational efficiencies and high performance.

At Cisco, we hear these questions from customers:

  • How do I make sure privacy and security issues are not violated?
  • What are Cisco’s BYOD best practices for maintaining compliance with regulatory policies and accreditation requirements?
  • How does mobile technology and BYOD facilitate patient care?
  • How have other organizations embraced BYOD to increase patient satisfaction?

Cisco’s BYOD solution allows staff to have greater mobile access while maintaining security, compliance and privacy requirements. 

The Cisco BYOD Strategy Planning Service for Connected Health can address challenges and builds a solution that meets your needs.

The BYOD Service identifies objectives for BYOD, develops business and technical use cases and delivers a plan to help achieve your  goals.  The service is conducted over 4-5 weeks and includes a 2 day onsite workshop. The Cisco team includes senior clinical and technology experts that deliver a conceptual architecture and roadmap to enable use cases.

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Michelle Tschudy

Marketing Manager

Cisco Services