When managing cybersecurity risk, healthcare has always had higher stakes. When a healthcare organization experiences a cyber attack, it’s about more than just money or reputation – it can be life or death in terms of patient care and treatment.  

For this reason, I’m passionate about helping healthcare cybersecurity leaders to address their greatest security challenges and capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities in the security space.  

I was thrilled to sit down with the team at the Becker’s Healthcare Podcast to dive deeper into the challenges, trends, and opportunities that healthcare cybersecurity leaders are experiencing today.  

I encourage you to listen to this brief, 15-minute episode where we cover:  

  • The most significant challenges and threats in healthcare – from the number of medical and IoT devices that must be secured on a hospital network, to the adoption of cloud computing, budget constraints and the ever-evolving threat landscape.  
  • Emerging trends in healthcare cybersecurity – from Artificial Intelligence to mergers and acquisitions and more.  
  • How Cisco can help cybersecurity leaders to address their greatest challenges and capitalize on emerging trends.  

Also available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.  

After you’ve had the chance to listen to the episode, drop a comment below to let me know what resonated with you most.  


Pam Lindemoen

Chief Information Security Officer Advisor

Global Security Specialist Organization