Dandolo Partners has just released a new report looking at the contribution of information technology to innovation and digitization in Australian hospitals. The report is a result of discussions with a range of key hospital stakeholders (hospital executives and board members, government representatives, technology experts) and secondary research. The work focused on three questions:


The report addresses the role of the hospital board and senior executives in capturing the benefits associated with this digital transformation. It looks to make the distinction between the enormous innovations that have driven the clinical procedures and device areas and the relatively slow rate of transformation in the information technology sector in Australia. It identifies the major information technology based issues that have prevented hospitals from capturing value from innovation and digitization in terms of three specific challenges:


Innovation is the engine that drives digitization in our hospitals. It creates the ability for hospitals to use information technology to capture the needed improvements in care quality and cost that will enable our communities to address its pressing challenges. Hospitals need to foster their capabilities in both areas to enable success. This process needs to be driven from the most senior leadership positions within hospitals. The aim of this report is to encourage the issue of digital transformation becoming a key responsibility of the board.

The report concludes with a final discussion about risk and highlights the implications of doing nothing or not enough as being “potentially devastating.” The possible outcomes of inaction encompass leaving poor performance undetected, systems inoperable, patient and organization data exposed and the institution deemed culpable.

To read more, download the full report here.


Brendan Lovelock

Health Practice Lead

Cisco Australia