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Now is the time for innovation and transformation in virtual health. During these unprecedented times of social distancing, stay at home orders and phased re-openings, one thing remains constant. Patients still need to receive quality care, and clinicians and care teams need a way to safely deliver that care. 

This year the use of telehealth has increased exponentially. We’ve seen clinics, hospitals and healthcare organizations speed their telehealth deployment faster than previously possible, and patients, clinicians, care teams and administrative staff adopt this technology with speed and agility. 

One Bay-area hospital saw a 2000% increase in telehealth sessions in March.  

A Southeastern hospital system went from 0 to 5,000 telehealth visits in a three-week period in April.  

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health increased their virtual mental health visits by 750% between March and April.  

The University of Maryland Medical System connected more than 28,000 employees across 13 hospitals and 5,000 homes in just 5 days.   

And these are just some of the incredible stories coming from our customers as they each evolve to address the challenges within today’s dynamic environment. 

With telehealth more important than ever in today’s health climate, we were thrilled to be a sponsor of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA)’s virtual conference in late June.  

The conference focused mainly on accelerating the adoption of telehealth and working to change the way the world thinks about healthcare. Throughout the week of engaging virtual sessions, Cisco gave two presentations around the current state of telehealth and the new normal in healthcare.   

Check out the sessions below and watch the on-demand recordings:  

How Cisco is Expanding Access to Care

Speakers: Troy Yoder, Global Public Sector Healthcare Leader, Cisco and Jono Luk, Senior Director, Webex Applications & Integrated Collaboration Team, Cisco

Description: Patient expectations continue to rise, and technology is now at the core of how patients access care and interact with their providers. Join Cisco for a discussion on how to meet patient expectations and improve clinical efficiencies with an end-to-end digital healthcare journey.

Watch on demand now

Between Healthcare of the Past and Present, There’s Telehealth

Speaker: Allison Norfleet, Global Helathcare Leader, Cisco

Description: Between healthcare of the past and healthcare of the present, there’s telehealth. The world is changing, and the delivery of virtual care is more critical now than ever before. Join Cisco for a discussion on why now is the time for innovation and transformation in virtual health.

Watch on demand now

Be sure to watch our sessions on demand and check out the other educational content from the American Telemedicine Association’s 2020 virtual conference  

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Nicolette Codeso

Marketing Manager

Industry Marketing - Americas