In the ever-evolving landscape of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), IT departments are constantly seeking solutions that offer flexibility, security, and efficiency. Thankfully, a collaboration between Intel and Cisco has given rise to a powerful approach that addresses these needs head-on: pairing of the Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series and Cisco’s UCS X-Series. Working together, they’re transforming the way organizations deploy and manage VDI environments.

Organizations that moved to a public cloud during the pandemic are now re-evaluating this choice. A recent study by Intersect360 showed that a representative customer could save over $2M over 3 years by moving VDI back into their data center. Today I’ll discuss the top IT benefits of VDI and how the Intel and Cisco partnership is creating a ‘better together’ story for organizations worldwide.

Top IT Benefits of VDI

  • Simplified Image Management: VDI centralizes desktop management, allowing IT to maintain a single image for multiple users. This simplification reduces complexity and saves time, making system updates and application rollouts more efficient.
  • Access Anywhere, Any Time, On Any Device: With VDI, users can access their desktops from any location and on any device, providing flexibility and continuity in a mobile-first world.
  • Brings the User Closer to the Data: By hosting desktops in the data center, VDI minimizes data transfer distances, enhancing performance and reducing latency for data-intensive applications.
  • Fast Application Deployment/Upgrade: VDI enables rapid deployment and upgrading of applications across the entire organization, ensuring all users have access to the latest software without individual endpoint installations.
  • Reduced IP Loss Risk: Centralized data storage inherent in VDI architectures minimizes the risk of intellectual property loss due to device theft or loss.
  • Enhanced Security: VDI allows for better control over the desktop environment, with security policies and measures applied consistently across the entire user base.
  • Simplified Backup, Patching, and Management: Routine IT tasks such as backup, patching, and system management are streamlined with VDI, as these can be performed centrally rather than on individual devices.
  • Instant Provisioning of New Desktops: VDI supports rapid provisioning and de-provisioning of desktops, making it easier to scale up or down based on organizational needs.

Intel and Cisco – Better Together

The Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series is a game-changer for VDI, offering general-purpose GPUs that are optimized for media stream density and quality. These GPUs are designed with server-grade capabilities, ensuring high reliability, availability, and scalability.

Cisco’s UCS X-Series stands out with its modular design and workload flexibility. The UCS X210c M7 Compute Node, powered by Intel Xeon® CPUs, is an ideal platform for VDI deployments. The UCS X440p PCIe Node’s ability to add up to four GPUs via Cisco UCS X-Fabric technology makes it a breeze to enhance computing nodes with GPU acceleration.

This combination of Intel’s GPU prowess and Cisco’s modular infrastructure means that IT departments can easily adapt to changing demands without overhauling their entire system. The Intel DataCenter GPU Flex Series and Cisco’s architecture work in tandem to provide a seamless and powerful VDI experience.

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How it adds value for you

With Intel Flex Series GPUs, you gain leading VDI performance for a smooth and responsive experience for all types of users. And there’s $0 cost for GPU software, providing you cost savings while simplifying budgeting for VDI deployments. Plus, Cisco X-Series Modular System’s unparalleled deployment flexibility supports all models of the Flex Series GPU, catering to the specific needs of your VDI environment.

As organizations contemplate the shift of cloud-based VDI back to their data centers, the combination of Intel’s Data Center GPU Flex Series and Cisco’s UCS X-Series presents a unique opportunity, detailed in our latest white paper. Together they enhance the IT benefits of VDI and provide a scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution that can adapt to the dynamic needs of constantly evolving organizations. By leveraging the proven reliability of Intel and Cisco in a shared environment, your IT department can be confident in bringing VDI back in-house, and preparing your organization is equipped for the challenges of today while also being prepared for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Interested in hearing more? Visit Cisco and Intel’s booth collab at AFCEA Cyber 2024 – Booth #2525 – and watch a live demo of this solution.







John McAbel

Senior Product Manager

Enterprise Solutions on Cisco UCS