Australia’s national security has been a major topic of conversation in recent months with the AUKUS alliance, which is a trilateral security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, and a commitment for a new submarine fleet. Cisco is a technology partner to Australia’s closest allies and has a strong focus on ensuring that Australia’s Defence Force personnel and assets are protected from a network and security perspective.

A research collaboration between Cisco and the University of Adelaide provides a window into the next generation of Defence networks and technology infrastructure. The Smart Base project was led by Adelaide University’s Professor Michael Webb and explored the potential benefits and implementation considerations of moving to advanced networking technology. This included assessment of the security benefits provided by software-defined networks that are based on a Zero Trust architecture.

Findings from the research project were formally published on October 20. The research report is part of a much larger partnership between Cisco and the University of Adelaide and will help Defence Force personnel, ecosystem partners and government better understand the way networks are evolving to protect Australia’s most critical data, systems and assets.

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Mark Gainsford

Business Strategy and Development Lead

National Security & Defence