Cisco is proud to be military friendly by connecting with, supporting, and hiring veterans. Our Veterans Program taps into our culture of service by providing training, mentoring, and support to transitioning service members, veterans, and military families. Cisco is proving amazing things can happen when you build bridges to possible. Our mission: connect everything, innovate everywhere, benefit everyone.

At Cisco we’re offering veterans and military personnel pathways to meaningful employment. They have made significant sacrifices to defend our nation and the freedoms we all cherish. Cisco is committed to serving those who serve and with over 250,000 service members exiting the military each year to pursue civilian employment, we see an opportunity to tap into a highly skilled pool of talent to help grow our business.

Why Cisco is Military Friendly

Military Friendly Cisco Veterans

Through their service, these brave men and women developed many invaluable skills that they are using to build thriving, resilient communities. The same attributes that make Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen successful in service, make them excellent community leaders and exceptional employees.

Many in the private sector greatly value the work ethic and mind-set that our veterans bring to the workplace, including their talents as:

  • Mission-focused individuals
  • Strong leaders
  • Collaborative team members that can get the job done.

Today, opportunities are greater than ever for our nation’s veterans to build a successful career in the field of technology. At Cisco we value the skills service members bring to our workforce. So we work to actively give back to those who have served. And with the growing demand in IT for cyber skills, we are encouraging veterans to seek a path to a career in technology.

Military Friendly at every level

Cisco has consistently distinguished itself as a “Great Place to Work.” This year Cisco has been recognized as one of the top companies to work for by many different publications, including:

At Cisco we provide a stimulating and inclusive work environment to foster employee development.

Military Friendly Cisco Veterans

We tap into employee skills and expertise by offering stretch assignments relating to veteran initiatives. This includes homelessness and workforce training. Our very active employee-driven veteran support network builds bridges between Cisco and the veteran community through outreach and mentoring. And our “Time to Give” program encourages employees to participate in volunteer activities. This includes our annual Veteran Career Transition Days and Valor Games, where they can build personal connections with our military community.

How Cisco helps veterans transition

Cisco believes success after service is often accelerated when military personnel begin training for their next opportunity while still on active duty. That’s why programs like the Cisco Networking Academy work so well. This program supports military personnel by teaching them the latest foundational networking skills they will need for their post-service careers.

Military Friendly Cisco Veterans
Cisco’s MISL “Military in Sales Leadership” Team.

Plus, we’ve been honored to welcome transitioning personnel to our Veterans Enablement and Troop Support employee resource organization (VETS ERO). Cisco is proud to do our part and recognize that, with partners, we must continue to set new goals and continue to find new ways to support our veteran communities.

Through Cisco’s MISL “Military in Sales Leadership” program, we hold an in-depth 8 week training and development course. The innovative program pairs MISL participants with a mentor in the Cisco Sales organization who is also a military veteran. They help participants in their career transition and ongoing professional development. This involves building a detailed sales/leadership talent pipeline and offering a defined mentor support program. This helps MISL participants to not only excel in their initial roles, but build the foundation for a long and successful career as the Next Generation of Cisco leadership.

Cisco, North Carolina, and veterans

I’ve seen first-hand how Cisco is reaching out to the veterans. Cisco has deep ties in North Carolina, a state known for its large military and veteran population . This makes it even more of an honor to support our local military and veteran communities. North Carolina is home to Cisco’s second largest U.S. campus (Research Triangle Park) and to many of our most talented employees.

But our sense of service and community extends beyond our company. Cisco was proud to sponsor the Valor Games Southeast, hosted by Bridge II Sports, that took place earlier this year in North Carolina.

The Valor Games Southeast consists of 11 adapted sporting competitions. This includes wheelchair basketball and archery. These games build camaraderie and a community of support for veterans facing life with a disability.

This support helps veterans to grow in confidence and I look forward to volunteering every year with my fellow team members. We’re especially excited to connect with local veterans to learn how Cisco can support their transition. I would encourage all businesses, organizations, and individuals to consider taking the time to come out and cheer on the athletes at the upcoming Valor Games Southeast on May 19-21, 2020.

Step up to Military Friendly status

Military Friendly Cisco Veterans
Cisco SVP of USPS Nick Michaelides (right) and team at this year’s Valor Games Southeast.

Whether startup or established business, and regardless of industry, I want to inspire companies across the nation to support our veterans. And encourage you to invest your time and resources to help veterans successfully transition to private industry.

Strengthen your commitment to your community and build your leadership pipeline by developing and hiring veterans. Become an active player in helping ensure their success after service. I’m confident that, like me, you’ll find their success after service will result in greater success for your business.



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Nick Michaelides

Senior Vice President

US Public Sector