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From great uncertainty to a better future.

While engulfed in a seemingly endless news cycle and trapped in what feels like the far less enjoyable sequel to Groundhog Day, we’ve seen the world come to a standstill. It appears that life in lockdown has altered the world around us more quickly and dramatically than years of negotiations, plans, and incremental augmentations. Without glossing over the seriousness of our reality today, now is the time for us to talk about lasting efforts for meaningful, planned change toward a greater good.

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Finding the new normal: Business as usual will no longer cut it

Governments must adapt in order to meet their mission, which is to lead and to serve. In the midst of uncertainty, this can be an overwhelmingly daunting task.

Government organizations face growing pressures to offer telework to more employees, shift to remote operations, and enable virtual public service delivery. Remote everything must become a best practice. Innovative technologies will continue to make governing more efficient, contributing greatly to the declining cost of distance. Building these functions securely, flexibly, and at scale will be critical for people’s ongoing physical and financial health, safety, and well-being.

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The viability and sustainability of an organization continues to be tested in an environment that is in a constant state of change. Resiliency allows government the flexibility to adapt and evolve successfully in the wake of unplanned events. When people, systems, and processes are exhausted by relentless change, having the infrastructure to maintain unwavering stability and security is key in their ability to absorb and recover from tremendous external pressure. Accepting the understanding of the growing need to operate differently will give organizations a favorable opportunity to better understand and decisively act on what they can do.

All levels of government face the likelihood of declining tax revenues while managing increased demand for often unforeseen spending. Simultaneously, a complex economic environment is emerging. Rising unemployment, depleted health care systems, and massive industry disruptions will continue to reveal exacerbated socioeconomic inequities. Crisis leadership will require swift action to restore confidence and ensure broad tangible human value.

Image of local, state, and national government functions.

Join us for #GovernmentNow

However strong we are in times of stability and prosperity, that is how strong we must be in the face of tumultuous change. That’s why we’re running a series on what government looks like around the world. Now. Because “now” is a time in which all our previous ways of governing, protecting, serving, healing, teaching, and collaborating face a new reality of persistent change.  

Stay tuned for the #GovernmentNow blog series for inspirational stories, pressing topics, changing perspectives, and intriguing discussions as we witness the evolution of our world right before our eyes. We’re in this together, and as always, Cisco is here to help as we build an even brighter future.

Share your thoughts. Join the conversation. And keep an eye out for our next #GovernmentNow post. We look forward to taking this journey with you.

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TJ Costello

Global Director for Cities, Communities, & Transportation

Industry Solutions Group