Local government agencies are facing increased pressure to improve agency agility and performance, while creating efficiencies and reducing costs in order to better serve the public, and cloud solutions could be just the answer. Today marks the kick-off of our thought leadership blog series designed to provide local government leaders around the world with specifics on how cloud solutions can enable citizen services and drive transformation for a more connected, more efficient government.

Throughout the series, our industry experts will examine a variety of topics from the value proposition of cloud to a review of how specific agencies are effectively using cloud to meet department imperatives. Below is an example showing how the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain is using cloud to increase its ability to quickly provision new projects, realize operating and capital cost savings, and offer new services to its widely dispersed citizens and workforce.

Spanish Govt graphicThe series will also explore how cloud capabilities can fulfill the needs of local government and what’s specifically driving the decision by local government agencies to implement cloud solutions.

And we’ll use the series as a way to keep you informed of any events related to cloud and government. As an example, you can check out Cisco’s GovEduTV, which provides access to cloud-related town halls. One specific event listed there that you absolutely won’t want to miss is “Cloud 201,” a session on April 9 about getting efficiency and agility with public and private clouds. Click on the banner below for complete details, including registration. This session is the follow-on session to “Cloud 101,” now available on-demand, which was a primer on cloud for government and education professionals.




Finally, throughout the series, you’ll also see examples demonstrating that cloud for local government is really about creating new possibilities for citizens and employees through a more connected government.

It’s about breaking down silos between agencies and departments, providing cost-effective solutions, increasing operational efficiencies, and delivering better, faster, real-time services. And with increased pressures that today’s local governments are facing, this is more important than ever.

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Brenda Germundson

Global Public Sector Marketing Lead

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