The Federal Government has been advocating a move to the cloud for almost a decade now. And yet, a great amount of applications are still sitting in agency data centers. This is due to several reasons: complexity of re-writing the application for the cloud, belief that the cloud is not as secure as the agency data center and lack of belief that the public cloud is the best place to host the application or data.

Creating a hybrid cloud

Some of these issues are perceived and some are real. And that is why there is a strong belief that hybrid cloud solutions will be a viable and preferred option for many federal agencies. Last week Cisco and Google Cloud announced a partnership to focus on hybrid cloud and multicloud solutions. This partnership provides a solution to develop next-gen applications in the public cloud with the ability to host those applications either on premise or in the Google FedRAMP cloud. This solution brings the best of what Cisco and Google Cloud have to offer, including Cisco’s Hyperflex and Hyperflex Edge integrated with Google’s Anthos.

Google Anthos and Cisco Hyperflex unite

Google Anthos is Google’s Kubernetes platform which can operate as an on premise environment or in Google Cloud. Cisco’s Hyperflex offering provides an ideal infrastructure of computing, networking, and storage to host Anthos on premise. And with the use of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), the workload can be supported dynamically in either environment.

We are really excited about this announcement as it provides government users an on premise model which can be moved to the cloud if and when they are comfortable doing so. This is the type of cloud flexibility government agencies need.

You’re invited

To hear more about this new partnership and how Cisco and Google Cloud can help with your next-generation application needs please join us on Tuesday, April 23, for Cisco and Google Cloud’s “The Power of the Open, Hybrid Cloud” seminar at Google’s Washington, D.C., office. Register here.

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Dan Kent


Public Sector Engineering & CTO