During our last #GovernmentNow post, we visited the City of Buffalo to see the impressive 48-hour response to meet their citizens’ needs at a crucial time. Today, we will discuss resilient leadership and the imperative need to foster greater security and trust.

As governments look to guide their organizations and constituents through the pandemic and into an increasingly unknown future, security and trust will be critical to recovery.

In times of crisis especially, we as citizens expect and rely on our governments to prioritize security – from personal safety and wellness to the security of technologies transforming all aspects of our lives. In turn, this has the ability to infuse a stronger sense of confidence and trust between individuals and within communities.

Embedding security

Now, it’s time for governments to meet this moment and elevate the human experience. This foundation of security and trust helps move our countries and communities toward greater stability and better outcomes.

For example, in the United States, we are approaching a pivotal moment. Protecting democracy requires faith in our election systems to be fair and legitimate; making it absolutely essential to secure the systems to uphold these processes and hold information on millions of American voters.

London’s Brunel University is defending intellectual property from cyber threats, so the university can get back to its mission to bring benefit to society through excellence in education, research, and knowledge transfer.

In rapid response to the pandemic, Sky Lakes Medical Center securely harnessed technology to innovate and pivot quickly, establish telehealth capabilities to support more patients, and protect its greatest assets – their healthcare workers on the front lines.

Being a trusted partner

As we move through the latter phases of this crisis, we must build recovery, resiliency, and continuity on a foundation of trust. And you need a security partner you can trust.

At Cisco, we are here to help you build trust by securely connecting your countries and communities. By connecting people. Enabling and securing your mission: That’s our mission.

How do you think governments and public sector organizations can competently deliver trusted experiences to their stakeholders? Comment below. Share your thoughts. Join the conversation. And keep an eye out for our next #GovernmentNow and #PublicSectorNow posts.


TJ Costello

Global Director for Cities, Communities, & Transportation

Industry Solutions Group