Formula 1 racing is a highly controlled, technical masterpiece. It demands expert drivers, finely-tuned race cars, top-notch pit crews and world class tracks to draw 300 million viewers per race.

But notice: The drivers drive the same car in every race, at every venue. They don’t build a new car for each track. IT applications should be similar. You should be able to build your application once and use it wherever you want, whether that’s in a world-wide public cloud infrastructure, a private data center or even a small tactical deployment.

In the world of DevOps, agility is king. We’re at the forefront of an exciting time where organizations can quickly move development into production and use actual feedback from users to refine what’s been deployed. Now, the reality of this massive agility can strain traditional business processes. As the owners of the information technology assets, IT leaders must figure out how to deliver the agility while maintaining cost, policy and security. That is not an easy task when most developers, given the chance, will spend what they want to quickly get their idea to market.

What IT leaders have to deliver is the ability to cap costs, maintain policy and increase security in the new hybrid cloud environment. After all, once an application or database becomes compliant with federal, financial or other strict guidelines, there’s a cost and risk trade to changing it. However, performance, cost or intellectual property concerns may lend to moving the application from one data center to another, or from a private data center to a public cloud. Hence the desire to build once and deliver anywhere.

Cloud image in data center
Tools from Cisco help you get the most from a hybrid cloud.

With tools from Cisco, IT leaders can offer developers that exact ability. Tools like Enterprise Cloud Center and Cisco’s On-Prem Hybrid Cloud provide that ultimate agility. Now, your developers can bring their ideas to life and business and policy leaders can determine where those applications live. After all, the data sits somewhere.

You might, for example, decide that a customer-facing application should consume the most financial resources and an internal application should be a lower priority. With Cisco’s tools, you can set budgets and cost parameters that allow your teams to see the cost of deploying in an internal data center or in a public cloud. Let them decide where to go based on their budget and performance limitations.

Oh, and if you want to be able to deliver that application in the back of a truck or in a small data center, Cisco’s on-premise clouds go from small tactical deployments up to full data centers. So now, you can meet all your business requirements with a single build. You will also get your internal teams accustomed to cloud like consumption models since we can deliver the on-premise solution in that manner.

So, stop worrying about the new speed of DevOps!  With Cisco, you’ll get there fast and you’ll be enjoying all the benefits even faster.


Jan Niemiec

Director of Operations, US Sales

Federal National Security Organization