At Cisco, security is at our core as we help government agencies move to the cloud. And now we’ve added another powerful solution to help secure government as Cisco AppDynamics has achieved Authorization at the “moderate impact level” from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

With this FedRAMP Authorization, government agencies and critical infrastructure customers in the United States can now leverage the leading cloud-based application performance monitoring solution (APM) on the market. AppDynamics GovAPM, the FedRAMP Authorized solution, delivers reliable performance for mission-critical applications, while modernizing operations and ensuring high security standards.

Benefits for government

AppDynamics has been named a leader in APM solutions by Gartner and now with FedRAMP authorization we are broadening our commitment to government. As agencies seek IT modernization, they can now experience real-time performance monitoring by leveraging our solution to:

  • Improve performance: Detect issues with real-time monitoring before they impact customers.
  • Migrate to the cloud: Gain end-to-end visibility to plan with accuracy, migrate with confidence, and validate success.
  • Drive business results: Impact end-users and drive business results through enhanced application performance.

Ensuring performance and security for government IT

The FedRAMP AppDynamics performance monitoring solution provides critical end-to-end visibility into complex application environments. It also delivers a unified view of the end user experience while ensuring strict security and data privacy standards. AppDynamics GovAPM provides a service flow map that automatically visualizes dependencies across distributed topologies. This allows government IT teams to dig into key metrics and investigate performance data to understand application behavior and optimize performance quickly.

Helping government gain insights

When government agencies leverage AppDynamics GovAPM for performance monitoring, they get unprecedented insights into how users interact with their browser applications through real user monitoring.

This has the added value of enhancing the government’s ability to efficiently provide people with access to key resources and information. And it helps agencies to make informed strategic decisions to provide better citizen services.

At Cisco, we’re proud to offer government agencies and critical infrastructure companies access to a FedRAMP Authorized performance monitoring solution. AppDynamics GovAPM ensures delivery of critical digital capabilities that support business needs, agency missions and constituent services.

Learn more

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Nick Michaelides

Senior Vice President

US Public Sector