Numbered lists are always arbitrary. The Top 5 Gliding Mammals, the 9 Best Jellybean Sculptures, the Top 10 Numbers Under 11 (#4 Will Shock You!). And unless you’re ranking measurable data like book sales or batting averages, they’re subjective.

But they can also be really useful. Bloomberg has just published a fantastic little eBook called “Federal IT in Transition: The Six Drivers of Digital Transformation.” It’s available, free, here. (Full disclosure: Cisco sponsored the project, so that Bloomberg could turn its considerable journalistic and analytical prowess on the Federal IT world.)

Ebook coverBloomberg sees six interconnected arenas that all play major roles in the evolution of information technology:

  1. Security and Safety
  2. Application and IT Modernization
  3. Big Data Analytics
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Sustainability and Real Property
  6. Next Generation Workforce

Each topic is covered in a brief chapter, ending with several “strategic takeaways” that Federal IT managers can apply in their own departments to smooth and speed their own work and sidestep some potential pitfalls.

Why six? These are the six areas are touched by virtually everything involved in Federal IT. There certainly are other important considerations, but Bloomberg shows how these form the core of an effective transformation strategy. For IT managers struggling to keep pace with changing technologies and strategies, these six drivers make all the difference.

I don’t want to say too much because you really need to just read this eBook for yourself. Go grab a copy and prepare to be enlightened.


Michael Hardy

US Federal SME

Cisco Americas Public Sector