Today, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Technological Advisory Council (TAC) held its first meeting, with Cisco Senior Director of Technology and Spectrum Policy Bill Davenport serving on the council after being appointed by FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel in February.  

The TAC will provide technical expertise to the FCC to identify important areas of innovation and develop informed technology policies supporting the United States’ competitiveness in the global economy, including as it relates to U.S. spectrum leadership. 

“Collaboration between public and private sectors is fundamental in addressing the critical issues that shape our digital world, and the advisory council is a testament to the value of this partnership. I am eager to contribute to this group’s collective efforts and impactful solutions that drive progress and opportunity around technology.” 
– Bill Davenport, Sr. Director, Technology and Spectrum Policy

The TAC will consider and advise the FCC on efforts to facilitate U.S. spectrum leadership; study advanced spectrum sharing techniques, including the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the utilization and administration of spectrum; and other emerging technologies. 

“Charting the course of connectivity from 5G to 6G and harnessing the transformative power of AI for spectrum efficiency are imperative for policy innovation. Cisco’s commitment to these goals sets the stage for America’s competitive edge and technological leadership globally. I am thrilled that Bill will contribute to this mission as part of the FCC’s Technological Advisory Council.” 
– Waldo McMillan, VP, The Americas, Government Affairs

The TAC, established in 1998, is organized under the authority of the Federal Advisory Committee Act to focus on key issues affecting the development of emerging communications technologies and comprises a diverse array of leading experts. 



Waldo McMillan

Vice President, Americas

Government Affairs