This week is Cisco IMPACT. Formerly known as GSX, IMPACT is Cisco’s world-wide sales conference. Normally sellers from all over the world fly to Las Vegas for a week of Cisco sessions, networking, and fun. It is the time when new product releases are announced internally, and the sales teams are educated on the latest and greatest solutions Cisco will be offering our customers this year.

Last year I attended Cisco IMPACT as a seller. I had a phenomenal experience and learned so much over the course of the four days. From inspirational sessions surrounding life priorities and finding your passion, to being among the first people to be able to play around with the Webex Panoramic and Webex Desk Pro endpoints, the sessions left little to be desired. Not only did I board my flight home enlightened and excited about all Cisco has to offer, I also left feeling tremendously closer to my teammates, as the week provided an opportunity for ample team bonding.

Following suit of nearly every event since the pandemic, Cisco IMPACT will be virtual this year. In my past life as a Cisco seller, I spoke to hundreds of Cisco customers frantically searching for a way to turn their once physical events virtual. I heard the desperation in their voices as they told me of the painstaking hours, days, weeks, and months they had spent planning and pouring money into a conference that no one could travel to amid the pandemic. They needed a solution, fast, and Cisco was there to help. I was the calming voice on the other end of the phone, assuring customers that their event would still go on without a hitch. Explaining how Cisco’s Webex platform could replicate the experience of an in-person event, without the travel and venue costs. And now, as we approach Cisco IMPACT, I get to uncover if the proof really is in the pudding.

Four days packed full of new information for Cisco’s sales teams and opportunities to engage with subject matter experts, I cannot wait to experience IMPACT 2020 for myself. I have no doubt that the event will run smoothly and efficiently, and I am interested to see how the networking and team-building aspects of the event will be carried out virtually. As I know many of you are facing similar challenges, we will report back next week on best practices from the event to help each of you be successful in your own virtual conferences.

During IMPACT we will also be releasing a financial services demo, video, and additional information on how Cisco is assisting financial institutions in being resilient to our changing industry. Cisco’s business resiliency themes – Secure Remote Worker and Trusted Workplace – are top of mind as the industry works to improve their digitization efforts and in-branch omni-channel experience. In next week’s blog we will be releasing our latest content around these topics for your consumption as well.

Check back in next week to learn tips and tricks on global virtual events and sneak a peek at the latest and greatest happening in Cisco’s Financial Services industry!


Heidi Surdyk

Global Marketing Specialist

Financial Services