HPC on Wall StreetAt this years’ 2013 High Performance Computing on Wall Street once again the greatest minds from the financial services industry gathered to discuss the latest technology trends that give financial firms a technology edge in accessing information in real-time to better predict where markets are going and the best areas to invest.

Many vendors delivered their latest innovation data analytics software that can analyze market data in real-time, but without the right infrastructure, traders can be delayed in executing on that information. Trading smarter is the key underlying theme by which the fabric can provide greater transparency and enhance application delivery that impacts the business.

Cisco demonstrated its High-Performance Trading Fabric (with the lowest latency in the industry), which provides a competitive advantage in a fast-moving market. It combines ultra low-latency switching, software defined networking (SDN) and programmability capabilities to enhanced instrumentation and analytics. We also previewed upcoming products and capabilities including low-latency at scale, advanced programmable monitoring systems, and detailed latency analytics on platforms which signal when the health of the fabric is not meeting SLAs.

In closing, I wanted to thank everyone who was able to spend time with the Cisco team at the event. If you would like to receive updates on how Cisco can help drive your next High-Performance Trading Fabric, click here.


Dave Malik

Cisco Fellow and Chief Architect

Customer Experience