Leaders and organizations embarking on any digital initiative need to ensure that experience monitoring is a cornerstone of their strategy. A leading Financial Services company headquartered in Asia found this to be true.  With about 30,000 staff and operations spread across several countries in multiple continents, moving to remote work posed new and unexpected network and infrastructure visibility issues for them.

With no visibility into the employees’ home networks, the hundreds of ISPs used to access their applications, and bring your own devices (BYOD), it made this company’s IT role harder. This led to the biggest operational challenge for them as they could not pin-point the root cause of an incident as it was occurring. By the time all the processes were followed and stakeholders informed the issue could disappear. As a result, the chance to obtain a technical resolution was lost and it could cause significant frustration to all parties including the key customer touch point, the contact center.

The organization’s leaders knew this was unacceptable and believed that it was critical for their team to be able to accurately pin-point performance and usability issues.  They turned to Cisco’s ThousandEyes. This enabled them to set up and run tests on

  • VPN environments
  • Cloud vendor providers
  • Contact center device remediation exercise
  • Key web applications
  • End user ISP connections

Find out how it was deployed and fixed the problem, plus give new depth of visibility that has been a game changer in upgrading the organization’s infrastructure. Read the full story from Vish Iyer,  Visibility is the Cornerstone of a Digital Strategy in Financial Institutions.


Adam Neiberg

Global Industry Marketing Manager